How GDPR can benefit your business

We can’t avoid it or ignore the fact that the GDPR deadline is looming, by the 25th May 2018 we all need to be ready and be GDPR compliant. With threats of potential crippling fines and legal action many businesses are finding the whole process to be a headache seeing it as a threat and a disruption that they could do without.
Companies are having to create new procedures, review their privacy notices, rewrite their terms and conditions, update records and vigorously read up and scrutinise legal frameworks – all of which let’s face it, an inconvenience to say the least.
But we could look at GDPR in another way, flip it on its head and view this new legislation in a positive light. It could actually be good for businesses, read on…..

Look at it as giving your data ‘a spring clean’

We all love a good sort out and a deep spring clean to wipe away the winter blue’s, well this is exactly what GDPR is wanting you to do with your data. This new regulation is in essence forcing us to look at our data, review and analyse exactly what data we hold, whether it is necessary to still be holding onto that data and if not then to delete it, basically we are cleaning up our systems something which is normally on the bottom of our to-do list.
GDPR requires companies to have a clear documented process of exactly what personal data you hold, who has access to it, how this data is used, who it is shared with and to have a clear lawful or consensual purpose for processing that data. Not only that but it is required that you document how communication with individuals is managed and documented and that the information is easily accessible should an individual wish to amend details, limit the details or delete them completely.
These new processes and documents that businesses will have in place to be compliant will help you to work more efficiently with added quality control and overall better organisation. See getting GDPR compliant is looking better already.
Tailored Ltd can provide cloud solutions which has all the necessary tools to assist you to develop strategies to achieve GDPR compliance.

Look at is as de cluttering

We all get inundated with irrelevant emails, nuisance phone calls and are bombarded with marketing campaigns which we have no interest in. We get sent promotions from companies that we may of signed up to 20 years ago, which show no clear way of how to unsubscribe – well under GDPR this is set to change and we can all breathe a sigh of relief and so can our inbox.
Now under the enforcement of GDPR we can request that we are taken off a mailing list or a data base and companies have to oblige if there is no legal reason for them to hold onto that data. This is a much needed shake up in the world of marketing, and a welcome change under GDPR.
The cloud solutions that Tailored Ltd creates make it easy to export, update and delete your data in machine readable formats which enables users to fulfil the requirements under GDPR.

Look at it as sieving for gold

Many businesses rely heavily on using emails and cold calling for marketing purposes, as more and more people are becoming aware of GDPR and companies are being forced to review their marketing lists to make them GDPR compliant, these lists are shrinking.
Seeing your mailing list decrease overnight can make you feel uneasy, but let’s look on the bright side shall we? Apart from scam email marketing companies that require an extensive marketing list to function, This dwindling mailing list could actually benefit your business as what you are left with are the golden nuggets.
Everyone is a winner! ,as you will be contacting people who actually want to hear about your product or service and by narrowing down your audience your messages can be more targeted to the individual.
Yes you’ve got a smaller list but it will be of higher quality, the chances are you will see a greater return for the time and effort that you put in.
As you will now be only targeting those who want to hear from you, guess what? Your reputation has just soared too and you are no longer that annoying company that pesters everyone.

Look at it as clearing the air

We all need to know who is responsible for what but at the moment many companies don’t necessarily have a clear idea of who is accountable for the customer data that they use. Who actually owns the personal data and who is in charge of ensuring that data is correct and up to date, and who is responsible for keeping that data safe and secure.
Well here is the moment of clarity, as GDPR dictates that there is a need for accountability and requires named data processors and data controllers and a designated individual as a point of contact for the data subjects and the Data Protection Authority.
We should embrace this opportunity to organize ourselves, establish clear responsibility which will steer us clear of any ambiguity surrounding ownership which will in turn limit our risks and liabilities.

Let’s summarise

So we either bury our heads in the sand and hope that GDPR goes away (which it won’t) or we grab it by the horns and tackle it head on. We can use it as the opportunity to organise our systems and procedures to improve the way we work. Marketing will be optimized, engagement levels with your target audience will rise as will your reputation as a transparent and responsible organisation.

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