Tailored have worked with businesses from a wide variety of sectors and industries to create robust, reliable bespoke cloud software solutions. Here you can browse through some of the main sectors that we have worked with so far. We are, of course, very open to co-operation with other branches of commerce, so do not hesitate to contact us even if your sector is not represented on the list below.


E-commerceDevelopment of retail solutions for high volume online businesses with integrated cloud systems. By utilising the latest technologies, our bespoke cloud-based software retail and online store systems offer architecture to deliver resilient and cost effective solutions. This provides the agility and flexibility to adapt quickly to changing consumer demands and market opportunities in order to maximise customer service, sales and profits.


EducationWe design bespoke operational software solutions for schools, colleges, universities and e-learning. We are experts in developing student registration software, course and content management software for educational institutions. With years of experience in developing software for educational institutions of varying sizes; we provide cutting-edge IT solutions developed in close collaboration with teachers and students to enrich feature sets, facilitate adoption, ensure relevance and maximise utility and productivity.


HealthcareDelivering market-leading secure corporate software cloud solutions that save time and money to companies, industries and business houses. We deliver bespoke cloud software solutions for the healthcare and scientific research sector, capable of managing thousands of patient records and databases for healthcare and research.


InsuranceThe insurance business is rapidly changing and new players on the market are achieving substantial growth by using new distribution models. Customers expect instant information and quick data access at their fingertips without the assistance of an agent. Therefore, integration of new insurance solutions is essential for competitiveness and growth in a fast changing market landscape.


LogisticsEasy to use, affordable and highly customisable, our logistics solutions enable you to handle shipping and other logistics more effectively. We help companies to do more business with the same resources at a lower operational cost. Specifically designed to allow distribution companies to drive operational efficiency, improve customer service and allow rapid reaction to any changes in real-time. Our systems are very flexible and can deliver demonstrable value to businesses of varying types and sizes.


MarketingOur marketing tools are fully integrated to both you and multiple sale channels such as Amazon, Google and affiliate marketing. The service takes a feed of your products, prices, pictures and stock levels and uploads them to these sales channels seamlessly. You can then track individual categories on those channels as well as overall performance. Using our proprietary methods, millions of clicks are tracked across all sales channels in order to give you the most up-to-date view of the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.


TourismThe hospitality and tourism industry is an ideal candidate for the use of cloud solutions. Our bespoke cloud software for hotels, tour operators, airlines, restaurants (and more) allows for real-time inventory, guest and passenger tracking – which is highly beneficial for the proper functionality of the industry. Other advantages include better time management and minimisation of errors, risks and costs, while providing the essential support for the whole industry.


Thanks to our combination of industry knowledge, expertise and flexibility, we offer a wide range of bespoke cloud-based software solutions to suit the demands of many diverse sectors.

Small, Medium and Large Sized BusinessesWe can help small, medium or large sized businesses to keep things cost-effective and efficient with our range of electronic payment solutions that are ideal for corporate expenses, corporate travel, payroll or colleague rewards.
TelecomsWe are working at the forefront of this area in partnership with a number of telecoms companies to develop and offer a range of alternative, forward-thinking and mobile payment solutions.
CharitiesEvery charity works hard to increase donations whilst efficiently controlling internal funds to minimise expense. Tailored can help by giving you complete control over how your funds are spent.

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