Marketing analytics

Marketing optimisation doesn’t have to be complicated. Make the most of every customer interaction and deliver the best offer in every situation at the most appropriate time. We deliver true marketing and campaign optimisation backed by powerful analytics. For you that means reduced costs, higher ROI, happier and more profitable customers.

With our bespoke cloud-based marketing systems, you can track your Pay-Per-Click (PPC) costs against the conversions of your active sales channels. This allows you to optimise the way in which you handle the marketing of your products. Quickly identify those areas that are excelling and those that are lacking in order to minimise your marketing expenditures.

Integration to sales channels

Our marketing tools are fully integrated to both you and multiple sale channels such as Amazon, Google and affiliate marketing. The service takes a feed of your products, prices, pictures and stock levels and uploads them to these sales channels seamlessly. You can then track individual categories on those channels as well as overall performance. Using our proprietary methods, millions of clicks are tracked across all sales channels in order to give you the most up-to-date view of the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

Checkout cookie freeze

Why should you have to pay a percentage of your profits towards affiliate rates at the checkout of your sales simply because your customer went to look for a promotion code? Tailored marketing systems offer a checkout cookie freeze function to prevent dissociated affiliate marketing from attaining unjust commission. You keep the full price of the sale and any/all profits that come with it.


Our bespoke, all-in-one, marketing tools allow you to plan and execute marketing campaigns, helping you to stay within budget by tracking your expenses in real time. In addition to planning and controlling marketing activities and campaigns, you now get control over budget and spend as well. With these new options now everyone can keep track of budget spending directly in real time. Both budget and spend are accumulated on campaign level so you can keep track of how much you spend on the entire campaign.