System Migration


A system migration is a process of transferring business databases and IT resources to a new hardware infrastructure or a different cloud-based software platform (known as migrating to the cloud). The reasons for system migration will often differ based on the company’s needs. While some businesses may choose a more powerful server so that they can store more data, others may think about migrating to the cloud as they need to replace their servers because of security compliance issues. Many businesses are encouraged to do these systems migrations and look at potential cloud development for many different reasons.

As your business evolves and grows, as do your requirements. This may be because you have expanded your employment base and the cost of additional licensing for your current solution is less than appealing. Often, this also means having to perform installations across your company’s computers and devices which is time consuming and costly. In many cases, it is discovered that your current solution is no longer fit for purpose and new functionality is required to move your business further. This is where our cloud software solutions come in, as we can offer you custom cloud software that is tailored to your exact business needs.

Migrating to the cloud will eliminate these problems. System migration simply means that your current solution is updated, expanded and made accessible to any device with connection to the Internet. This eliminates the overhead costs of additional licensing, software purchase and installations – allowing you to focus capital on other areas of your company.


Tailored has vast experience in system migration. Throughout the process of migrating your system, we work closely with you to ensure that your needs are met.

  • We learn about your business, its processes and how you interact with your existing system;
  • An initial specification is produced which will include any additional features you require;
  • We develop your cloud solution in a testing environment which will be accessible to you for progress and testing purposes;
  • We take all the necessary steps to mitigate risks of cloud migration;
  • Full testing is performed and a final review is made;
  • Your migrated system is fully released*.

* Depending on the scale of your migration, system release may be performed as a complete package or as phased deployment.