Success favours those who can swiftly transform ideas into innovative products and services. At Tailored, we provide software consultancy services in Manchester to help you convert your concepts into reality with bespoke software solutions. In these changing times, bespoke software applications must evolve in such a way to provide necessary support to allow business growth.

Our approach to software development is designed to redefine how businesses operate. We provide solutions that are flexible, reliable and secure, supporting your transition to the cloud through efficient system migration.


Using our expertise and robust technologies to deliver bespoke and custom corporate and marketing solutions.


Migrate legacy systems to the cloud, providing scalable, accessible and secure services to meet all of your business needs.

Integrating into the cloud enables your company to deliver data to wherever it is needed through various devices.

Our Approach to Successful Software Development Projects

Based in Manchester, UK, Tailored are a team of experts who work hard to deliver success for our clients in innovative and sustainable ways. Our business thrives on our software developers being proud of the work we produce and building strong relationships with our clients.

We analyse your requirements and gather them to a complete IT strategy, along with a full range of consultancy services to help take the hassle out of your it projects.
Detailed planning and analysis to set the stage for building your software. We research, test and manage potential risks for you.
Relying on honesty, transparency and results, we will build your software with clear communication at every stage.
Launching your completed software to your community. We know how important first impressions are and we will be on hand to support you through this critical launch time.
Ongoing support at every stage of the way as we embark on new phases of development. We work in partnership to maximise your investment and continued growth.


Bespoke cloud solutions offer vast benefits allowing you to choose and customise services to closely fit your business needs and type. Additionally, you can customise applications and access cloud services from anywhere with an available internet connection. Corporate users can get applications to market quickly without worrying about the underlying infrastructure costs or maintenance.

  • ACCESSIBILITY High levels of accessibility from virtually any device (computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone) and browser is one of the main advantages of cloud-based systems.
  • REDUCED COST OF OWNERSHIP Our tailored cloud software solutions boast a reduced cost of ownership due to optimised efficiency processes, faster deployment, increased productivity, clearer management and increased flexibility.
  • FLEXIBILITY Cloud-based systems and services are ideal for businesses with growing or fluctuating demands.
  • DISASTER RECOVERY Businesses of all sizes should invest in robust disaster recovery, but for smaller businesses the cloud enables this to become a reality.
  • SOFTWARE UPDATES Having a central cloud location for your software eases the pain of software updates.
  • INCREASED COLLABORATION Teams can access, edit and share documents at any time from any device which increases collaboration so they are able to do more together.
  • WORK FROM ANYWHERE With cloud solutions you can work from anywhere with an available internet connection.
  • DOCUMENT CONTROL Cloud solutions enable centralised document storage and multi-user version control.
  • SECURITY Cloud solutions provide greater security in the case of theft as all the data is stored remotely.
  • COMPETITIVENESS Moving to the cloud makes corporate-class technology accessible to everyone.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY The benefits of cloud-based computer systems are widely accepted, but one of the least emphasised ones is its positive environmental impact.


We partner with a wide range of industries, collaborating with businesses to drive their growth through our software development services.

  • CORPORATE SECTORDelivering market-leading secure corporate software that saves time and money.

  • E-COMMERCEDevelopment of retail solutions for high volume online businesses with integrated cloud systems.

  • EDUCATIONOperational solutions for global higher education companies handling thousands of concurrent users.

  • MARKETINGCloud based analysis and marketing optimisation through automation and integration of client data.

  • INSURANCEInsurance integration solutions enabling seamless communication between different systems and organisations.

  • LOGISTICSIntegrated software solutions for planning, routing and optimising nationwide deliveries.

  • HEALTHCARE & RESEARCHClinical-based solutions capable of managing thousands of records for the health care and research sectors.

  • HOSPITALITY & TOURISMCustomer inventory and order management solutions for hospitality, catering, travel and tourism companies.

  • OTHER SECTORSWe provide bespoke solutions to all public and private sectors.